College Union

The objective of the College Union is (i) to train students of the College in the duties and rights of citizenship. (ii) to promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among students. (iii) to organise sports, arts and other cultural and recreational activities and (iv) to take all such other activities that are relevant and incidental to the objectives of the University Union.


All able bodied and interested students may enroll themselves in National Cadets Corps. The objective of N.C.C training is the improvement of mental alacrity, cultivation of a sense of discipline and responsibility, development of personality and aptitude for leadership, and inculcation of the principles and practice of military service.

Normally parades are held on holidays and do not interfere with the academic work. . Attendance is compulsory at parades. An N.C.C. cadet with 75% or more attendance in N.C.C. activities for three academic years is eligible for grace marks in the University examination and weightage is given during admission to higher studies.

Opportunities are provided for outstanding cadets to participate in the following:-
Republic Day Contingent Parade (Delhi).
Tal Sainik Camp.
Army Attachment Camp
All India Mountaineering Camp.
All India Rock Climbing Camp.
All India Basic Leadership Camp.
All India Advanced Leader Ship Camp.
All India Trekking Camp.
All India Army Attachment camp.
Parachute Jump Training.
Youth Exchange Programme among different countries.

The College has two units of N. C. C. Captain Mohammed Ashraf Vazhappally and Lieutenant. Linu M.K. and are in charge of the Senior Division and Senior Wing respectively.