The growth and expansion of the college:

Computional Chemistry Lab, founded by Ajit Balakrishnan Foundation, was inaugurated by Mr. Ajit Balakrishnan Chairman &CEO,, on 31-8-06 at a function presided over by Mr. Justice V. Khalid Sahib, former Judge of Supreme court


1967 - Old block
1974 - Library block
1978 - Men’s Hostel
1980 - Zoology and Botany Lab.
1985 - Administrative block
1989 - I.T. Lab. (Funded by Maulana Azad Education Foundation, New Delhi)

1992 - Ladies Hostel
1993 - NSS Bhavan
1997 - Ladies Retreat (Funded by Mr.Abdulla Subair)
2001 - Computer Center -Auditorium
2003 - Library extension
- Students’ Centre (Funded by PTA)
- Sports Pavilion (Sponsored by family members late Janab. A.K. Khader Kutty Sahib

2005 - Computational Chemistry lab (Funded by Ajit Balakrishnan Foundation)
2009 - Ladies Hostel Extension
2010 - Smart Seminar Hall
2011 - Digital Language Lab


1967 - Pre-degree courses
1969 - B.Sc (Maths.), B.Sc (Zoology), B.A. (History), B.Com
1974 - B.Sc (Botany)
1979 - B.A. (Arabic)
1980 - M.Com., B.Sc. (Chemistry)
1981 - M.Sc. (Botany)
1981 - B.Sc. (Statistics)
1982 - B.Sc. (Physics)
1993 - B.A. (Economics)
1995 - M.Sc. (Physics)
1998 - B.A. (Functional English)
1999 - B.Sc. (Forestry & Wood Technology)
2001 - M.Sc. (Chemistry)
2001 - B.Sc. Bio-technology – Vocationalized Degree course sanctioned by UGC)
2001 - M.Sc. Computer Science
2004 - Research in Botany
2005 - Research in Computational Chemistry
2006 - Research in Chemistry
2010 - PG Diploma in Computational Sciences

The first batch of the college had on its roll 339 students and 12 teachers. It is noteworthy that the first batch of students included only one Muslim girl student. It is from this state that Sir Syed College has grown up to shelter and impart higher education to the 723 Muslim girls now on the roll.

The NAAC Peer Team consisting of Rev. Dr. Ignacimuthu S.J. (Chairman). Prof. A.M. Puttaswamy Gowda (Member coordinator) and Prof. Ranganath (Member) visited the campus on December 10 th 11 th –2004 to assess and accredit the college. The executive committee of NAAC on the recommendation of the Peer Team, declared the college accredited at the B + level (institutional score = 77.25%) for a period of five years with effect from February 28, 2005.

Degree Rank holders 2007-2008

                          Rank Holders
B.Sc Botany
l Rank
Krishna Jyothi. K
B.Sc Mathamatics
llI Rank
Dhanya A.K
B.Sc Statistics
lll Rank
B.Sc Forestry & Wood Technology
l Rank
ll Rank
Lijma .T.O
lll Rank
Jolsna V Jose
B.Sc Biotechnology
l Rank
ll Rank
Sanooja T.P
lll Rank
Suhana Muzeem .P
M.Sc Chemistry l Rank Manju R.Nath
  lII Rank Sruthi K.P
M.Sc Botony lI Rank Soumya Devi
M.Com l Rank Haseena Pulukkool
  lII Rank Ashwin K

Degree Rank holders 2008-2009

                          Rank Holders
B.Sc Statistics
l Rank
Bhavya Chandrasekharan
ll Rank
Anju M.V
B.Sc Forestry & Wood Technology
l Rank
Shyni .D
ll Rank
lll Rank
Rufaida Jayafer
B.Sc Physics
lII Rank
Manjusha Chandrasekharan
M.Sc Physics III Rank Sajini.C.K
M.Sc Botony I Rank Sheena.T.L
M.Com l Rank Kadeeja.P.K
  lII Rank Aparna Devi.M

Degree Rank holders 2009-2010

                          Rank Holders
B.A Arabic
l Rank
Jubairiyath M.K
ll Rank
Abdul jabbar .C.C
llI Rank
Ramzeena M.T
B.Sc Statistics
l Rank
Sabith. S
ll Rank
Sunitha. k

B.Sc Forestry & Wood

I Rank
Shinila .K
ll Rank
Ramya. M.P
llI Rank
Divya Lakshmi. p
M.Sc Chemistry I Rank Aseela A.K
M.Sc Physics I Rank Jasmine-Mahamood
ll Rank
Dilna. N
llI Rank
Sherine George
M.Sc Botony I Rank Jasna.T.K
llI Rank
M.Com lI Rank Rubeena.M

P.H.D Awarded to

Gayatri R Nambiar