About us

Sir Syed College is situated in the Taliparamba Municipality of Kannur District of Kerala State. Established in 1967 the institution was the culmination of a search by a socially committed team for a goal, not thought to be easily achievable in the region, the search for a center of higher education and a solution to the educational backwardness of an area and of a community that was officially classified educationally backward. The idea took the embryonic form in 1966, when the then minister for education late Janab C.H.Muhammed Koya officially announced the Government’s decision to sanction a College under the Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association (CDMEA) from the academic year 1967 onwards. The college was formally inaugurated by the then Chief Minister late E.M.S.Namboodiripad at a function presided over by Janab C.H.Mohammed Koya.

The institution was appropriately named after the great Muslim socio-educational reformer Sir Syed Ahamed Khan, symbolizing the revival of modern learning targeted through the institution – a cause dear to, and religiously pursued by the eventual founder of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Aims and objectives

The aim of Sir Syed College is the educational and moral upliftment of the Muslim minority in particular and rurally backward public in general.


Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association (CDMEA) runs the College. There is a separate Governing Body of CDMEA members to supervise the functioning of Sir Syed College. The 20 members Governing Body with Janab K. Abdul Kader (Chairman), and Adv. P. Mahamood(Manager & Correspondent) has the Principal as ex-officio members.


Principal is the administrative head of the institution. College office headed by the Senior Superintendent assists the Principal in day-to-day administration.
Prof. P.K. Abdulla is the present Principal and Mr. Babu AR is the Senior Superintendent.

The college council consisting of Heads of all the Departments, two elected staff members, librarian and NCC officers advise the Principal in all the academic and administrative matters.