Amazon to Make 1-Day Shipping Standard for Prime Members

Two day shipping is not fast enough. Amazon has announced that it will make one-day shipping the standard for all Amazon Prime members. The e-commerce giant is expected to spend $800 million during the second quarter of this year to improve its warehouses and delivery infrastructures to make this possible.

amazon 1-day shipping

With more than 100 million paying Prime members across the country, Amazon reaches more than 50% of U.S. households. So this will be a big change for consumer expectations, as far as quick deliveries go. This will put pressure on competitors like Walmart and Target to step up their game.

Walmart in January of 2019 started offering free two-day shipping on orders totaling more than $35, dropping its minimum purchase threshold from $50. Target, made free two-day shipping available for all of its credit card holders in March 2018, with no minimum purchase requirement. For all other Target shoppers, two-day shipping comes free with a minimum online order of $35. Meanwhile Amazon has been offering 2-day delivery for Prime members since 14 years ago.

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