MoviePass Competitor Sinemia Shuts Down

MoviePass competitor Sinemia has shut down its US operations, the company said in a statement that was posted on its website on Thursday.

Sinemia shuts down

The abrupt end came right before the new movie “Avengers: Endgame,” which is already breaking box-office records, opens in theaters.

The company’s announcement does not address whether customers who paid for yearly plans up front would get partial refunds.

Sinemia said that its “efforts to cover the cost of unexpected legal proceedings and raise the funds required to continue operations have not been sufficient.”

Some customers filed a class-action back in November, alleging Sinemia ripped them off by introducing a new “processing fee.” MoviePass had also filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Sinemia.

Sinemia said in March that it had terminated “approximately 3 percent of its accounts due to misuse or fraudulent activity.” These customers looked line they were just using their membership more than others and were money losers for the company.
Sinemia was started in Turkey in 2014 and also operates in countries including Canada, Australia, and the UK. For now just the US operations have ceased. It’s not clear what’s going on in those other countries.

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