Freebird, $5 Bonus for Trips to Select Sports Bars

Freebird has a new promotion this weekend if you want to grab a drink and watch a game. Enter promo code HOOPS2019 then tap the promo card to access a list of limited-time $5 cash-back offers from:

  • Buffalo Wings
  • Twin Peaks
  • Yard House
  • Miller’s Ale House
  • The Greene Turtle

freebird bonus

To get your $5 cash-back reward, pay your tab with a credit card that’s linked in the Freebird app. Once the purchase is verified, your cash will be added to your Freebird cash balance (usually within 3-5 days). To get up to $5 back on your ride home, tap the Guiness Ride Home banner in Freebird while near your drop-off location. If you don’t see the $5 promotion, then try moving closer to the bar or restaurant. This code is unlimited! Use it as many times as you’d like, and share it with your friends. Offer is valid thru April 8th.

Guru’s Wrap-up

You should download the Freebird app if you take Uber and Lyft often. It’s some extra cash with no extra effort. If you are a new user you can also get a few discounts on your first rides:

  • $10 off your first 3 rides when you use promo code 3TENBACK
  • $5 off your first two rides with code S9629
  • $5 back when you use promo code URBDAY1 till 11/30/2019
  • $10 back when you use promo code GOLONG

Add all the codes in the app. Some of these codes could stack. You need to enter them in the Freebird app, not Uber or Lyft. Just add them all and then see which one makes sense to use first.

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