Some Barclays Cards Will Be Converted to Mercury Mastercards

Update 11/8/2018: As you can read from the comments in this post, Mercury’s customer service is somewhere from non-existent to terrible. Here’s some useful information provided by Ellie:

“If you wish to mail your payment, please send the payment to:
Card Services
PO Box 70168
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0168”
“If you wish to mail your payment overnight via express mail, please send the payment to:
Lockbox Services
Box #70168
400 White Clay Center Dr
Newark, DE 19711

In 2016 Barclays, then known as Barclaycard, sold a chunk of its subprime credit card balances. Credit Shop acquired 700,000 credit card accounts from Barclays, with roughly $1.6 billion in balances. That deal placed the small Austin firm among the country’s 20 largest credit card issuers.

barclays mercury mastercard conversion

Credit Shop released its own credit card in May of this year, the Mercury Mastercard. The cards will be issued by First Bank & Trust of Brookings, South Dakota, and will target people with FICO scores ranging between 575 and 675. Now they are transferring credit cards purchases from Barclays, to their own card. They have sent out letters to some Barclays cardmembers informing them that their Barclays cards will be converted to Mercury Mastercards.

People that are getting the letters probably had lower scores back in 2015 or 2016 and maybe were behind in payments or had balances on their cards. Most of the cards affected seem to be Barclays Rewards MasterCards, but there’s also some Barclays Arrival Plus cards included.

As for the rewards and perks of this Mercury card, there’s not much info out there. Credit Shop’s CEO says that the “Mercury Mastercard is designed to give hard-working, middle market consumers access to a better credit card, at a reasonable price, so they can manage their financial lives better”. Doesn’t sound very promising.

44 thoughts on “Some Barclays Cards Will Be Converted to Mercury Mastercards

  1. The minute I received notice from Barclay of my card transfer to Mercury, I closed the account. This was weeks before the transfer took place. My account was still transferred with Mercury acknowledging that I closed the account but still raining my interest rate over half point even after they tried to tell me there would be no interest increase. They are liars and crooks. I do not understand why the federal government allows the consumer to be treated anyway these financial institutions want to.

  2. I have now five cards from Mercury, each closed due to fraud. Each time they sent me a new card and each time there was fraud. I would highly recommend to get rid of this card as fast as you can ever since Barclay sold that I’ve had nothing but fraud and as I said I’ve had five cards sent to me and through customer service they’ve been able to make payments and also change my address and after putting in a security code to talk to me they did not even ask it …….Runaway and close your acct.

    • I also had my Barclay card sold to Mercury in the fall of 2018. I had fraud charges appear starting on December 23rd. I actually received an email fraud alert and called them immediately. They said I should expect something in the mail within 10 days. That never happened so I called again and they said they had no record of fraud being submitted. They told me it would be another 10 days. After about 4 calls in a one month period, I received the paperwork. Of course when I made the initial call they cancelled my card and sent out a new one. I never used the new card and kept it in a file at home. When I received my February statement there was over $600 in fraud charges to Lululemon on the new card which was never used or even left my house! I contacted them and Lululemon immediately. Lululemon was useless as the charges had already gone through. All I received was an apology and that they were sorry that it happened. I contacted Mercury and was told once again that I would receive paperwork in 10 days. I also told them to close my account immediately as I had zero confidence with the security of my credit card. I also informed them that someone or multiple people within their company were most likely responsible for ripping me off due to the fact that the new card had never been used by me. It is now March 28th, nearly 6 weeks since I made the first call to them and made call number 5 this morning. Each time I’m told something different and was assured today that they would get to the bottom of it. This is affecting my credit score and is the most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened to me from any credit card company. It is also the first time I’ve ever had it happen and I am 49 years old. This company is an absolute nightmare and something very fishy is going on.


  3. Whatever you do, don’t set up a payment on their website for an advance date. I did that. I used their calendar provided in the payment date option setting it up for 9 days in advance – my next payday. They sent it through immediately causing my bank account to be overdrawn. I called them and couldn’t get anywhere. I called my bank, and they gave me the information Mercury needed to do to fix the error. I couldn’t reach anyone by phone, so I emailed Mercury with all of the information from my bank. That was two days ago.

  4. Tried paying off my mercury card on multiple occasions for 600+ but to have them reverse payments saying I had insufficient funds. I called my primary bank and we were both baffled bc I had way more than enough for the payments and there was no sign of a transaction on their side. I called mercury and they keep telling me I didn’t have enough. So the card is sitting currently maxed out bc they wont accept any payment.. this is ridiculous

  5. I had a Barclays Card Reward Master Card for about 3 almost 4 years. My usage was from zero to maxed out, to paid off again, several times over the years. I never missed a payment, and was never late on a payment.When I was converted to a Mercury Card, I had a credit score of 769, well outside the target clientele for a predatory lender card like this one.

    I was recently in the process of getting a debt consolidation loan to pay off my remaining credit card balances, and noticed that Mercury raised my limit from the 1510 limit I had at Barclays, (It was well over 2k before, but they reduced it once because of high usage) to 3010.

    My balance on the card was around 1900, and the consolidation loan was a great interest rate at about 6.5%, which is about 1/4 the interest of my credit cards, so it was a no brainer. However, when trying to input the account information from the Mercury card – i.e. Issuer, account number, and balance. The mercury website is at best, barely functional for anything useful. I tried to enter the information for Mercury about 24 times, using different formats, and different issuers, to no avail. So I called Mercury, and it was difficult to get a real person, but I did eventually get one. They would not give me my account number, as they only show the last 4 digits online, and on both paper and online statements. So when I tried to get it from them via the phone, and to find out who is actually the card issuer, I had to request a manager, and then I had to request the verification department, so they could verify my information, record the call, and get my verbal consent via phone. They gave me my account number, but were unable to resolve the issuer problem.

    So I had to over pay one of my other cards, that refunds over payments, and then take the money after it returns to my bank account, to pay off the mercury card.

    I am neutral to negative with my experience so far with this card. I will probably get a different card and cancel this one, since my credit no longer requires me to rely on sub-prime or predatory credit card companies.

  6. Both Barclays and Mercury show in my credit report for the same amount. Therefore, it shows that I owe more than I do.

  7. I was scheduled to receive a Mercury Replacement Card ( for my previous Barclay Card ) in August. 10/17/2018 and still haven’t received the card. I have called over the past two months only to be lied to, hung up on, actually was transferred to another department ( by a supervisor that I requested since the agent was so rude as well as ineffective ) so that I may voluntarily close my account and all I heard next as a recording stating that the number I had reached was no longer in service ! Absolutely worthless organization . I would happily join a class action lawsuit should one ( or more ) arise . PaulSBarnes

    • I am having an issue just reaching a live person. I need to pay the bill but don’t have access to pay online, set up a recurring payment, or even pay on the phone! The website is worthless as well. I can’t do anything on the website except see my current transactions. I feel as if I am being set up for failure but making it difficult to make my payment. I have called almost everyday for the last 2 weeks and every time I get a voice message for an Ashley and she has never called back. I am a good customer! Thanks Barclays for just dumping us!!

      • Thay sounds terrible. Sounds like they weren’t really prepared for all the accounts they got from Barclays.

      • I filed a complaint with the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) today.

        • What a great idea, I’m glad you filed the complaint. I, too, feel like I’m being set up to fail. The site allows payments if you give them all your specific banking information, but I’d prefer my bank to send Mercury Mastercard the payment — when I tried to pull it up electronically for my bank to transfer the funds was shown that it’s Not Available — my bank can send an actual check through the mail, but Mercury Mastercard won’t accept something electronically initiated by a bank. This really makes me uneasy. I also received tons of information announcing that I’d be switched over from Barclays to Mercury, but didn’t receive a card until I called and was told I was late on a bill, which I hadn’t received at all, so Mercury is charging me interest on an account which I’ve paid off monthly for years. Hate’s a strong word, so I’ll just say this business is not on my favorites list so far.

          For what it’s worth, here are the mailing addresses for these vultures, copied from their website.

          “If you wish to mail your payment, please send the payment to:
          Card Services
          PO Box 70168
          Philadelphia, PA 19176-0168”

          “If you wish to mail your payment overnight via express mail, please send the payment to:
          Lockbox Services
          Box #70168
          400 White Clay Center Dr
          Newark, DE 19711

          PLEASE NOTE: This address is to be used for overnight deliveries only.”

          Good luck.

  8. I am in a damed if I do and damed if I don’t situation. I have always made 2 payments a month to Barclay since I open my account. This has helped me improve my credit score considerably. I can’t cancel the new card because my Barclay card was an old account. I have been very limited in the amount of service I have been able to obtain for Mercury. Even with a $0 balance, the only way to make a payment is to set up your banking information on line. Tried doing an electronic payment to the mailing address this week. Ask of today, my $1 post has still not been processed. I am not giving them access to my bank account. Stuck with a card I can’t use and can close. Class action lawsuit seems the only option.

  9. Barclays had good customer service so far its very difficult to get anyone from Mercury on the phone. Cancelling the card this month!!!!!

  10. This is the last straw. I’m closing this card and my other 2 cards and just keeping 1 card for travel.

  11. After a year of making payments on time, this is a bold move in which research says they “quietly” sold us off”, what a way to treat customers you were making money off of!

  12. How do I contact Mercury Card? Their email goes nowhere – the telephone number listed is no longer valid

  13. this is one of my oldest accounts, and I was never late on any payment. This move directly damages me because closing accounts and opening new accounts directly alters the age on accounts which is a factor in determining credit score. In other words, they sold my credit score. Worse, i never got a letter and am having trouble paying at all since Barclaycard never provides this over the phone. I am considering a class action lawsuit against both companies and I am committed to never doing business with either company.

    • That’s very strange. I guess you need to keep it open if it is one of your oldest accounts. Just do not use it. What earning rates does it have?

      Class action lawsuit is a possibility, since many people have been affected.

  14. I am really disappointed in this move to Mercury MC. I admit the balance at this time is high but my Credit Score is above 686 and not in the range for the change. I have always paid on time and when this happened it kicked out an auto draft I wasn’t aware of until after the fact. History should have made a difference as this will probably have an impact overall. Not happy. What interest rate am I paying now?

    • That sucks. A really crappy move from Barclays.

      They should have sent you your new card info in the mail.

  15. I am not happy with this move and down right disrespectful to consider me a risk customer. I have since paid of my credit balance and now carry no balance. I am considering closing out this account and find something else.

  16. Not sub-prime, no reason, changed me. Will prob transfer to different card. Their int rate was given right after a bankruptcy, anyway and it’s been several years, so I don’t think we have to go on being ripped off by Barclays-mercury anymore.

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