Apple Pay Adds P2P Payments To iOS11

Apple just announced on stage at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference that Apple Pay is getting person-to-person payments. The feature will come in iOS 11, which was announced on stage, and will be available later this year.

Apple WWDC 2019 Apple Pay P2P.png

The service replicates Venmo, the PayPal-owned payments app, whcih has become enormously popular among a younger crowd to make small, cashless transfer, such as paying a friend for dinner, splitting a cab ride etc, by using a cell phone.

P2P payments with Apple Pay will live inside iMessage, and it’s unclear if Apple will let users perform them outside of its messaging app. Also, the money will be transferred to something called an “Apple Pay Cash Card,” and possibly to a bank account. Apple didn’t immediately say whether it would charge either the sender or the recipient for the service.

There’s not many details on this new feature, but we’ll know more once it’s gets closer to the release date. From what was shown at WWDC, you’ll be able to send money from debit and credit cards in your wallet. Let’s see if there’s any MS opportunities here.

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