Universal Protein Supplements Settlement, Up To $20 Per Claim

What’s This Settlement About

The plaintiff alleges that Defendant, Universal Protein Supplements Corporation d/b/a/ Universal Nutrition, Universal USA, and/or Animal Pak, violated California state law by improperly labeling and selling its products as being “Made Proudly in the USA,” or some derivative thereof. Plaintiff does not claim that the Product caused anyone physical injury or harm. The Parties have reached an agreement to settle the Class Action Settlement

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Who’s Eligible?

You are a member of the Settlement Class if you purchased for personal consumption, and not for re-sale, the Class Product in the United States from February 21, 2019 until the date this Settlement is preliminarily approved by the Court (i.e., March 28, 2019).

What Products Are Included?

All product labeled “Made Proudly in the USA,” or some derivative thereof.

How Much Do I Get?

Universal Protein Supplements Corporation will provide minimum payment of $125,000 and a maximum payment of $600,000. Class Members who submit a Valid Claim will be entitled to a maximum payment of $20, but since this settlement pool is pretty small, it will likely be much less than that.

In the event that claims do not exceed $125,000, the remaining settlement funds will be donated to a court approved charitable organization.

You must submit a claim by 06/10/2017.

Settlement Details

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