25% Off Nike Gift Cards When Using Discover Cash

Discover has the Discover It card and Discover Deals which could earn you lots of cash over time. Many people might have accumulated large amounts thanks to the generous double cash back promo and some other promos that Discover was running a while back.

Discover Card Rewards Dashboard.jpeg

This cash can be used for statement credit at any time, any amount. But there’s usually better uses for it through their other redemption options. You can use the cash back to give to charity or at Amazon, but that still gives you a 1:1 value. The gift card route is what could give you even more.

Right now you can buy $20 egift cards for just $15 when using Discover cashback.That’s 25% off, and better than the usual 20% off that you can get on gift cards. To find the Nike gift cards, just go to Rewards and then Gift Cards. From “Select a Gift Partner” drop down menu, select Nike – Special. You receive the egift cards instantly when you check out.

Discover Card Rewards Dashboard.jpeg

Nike egift cards can be sold at CardCash for 84% so you can make an extra 9% on your Discover cashback. This is a special offer which might end soon, but you can still buy Nike and Staples gift cards at 20% off and resell them for a smaller profit. Car rental gift cards are also a good option for redeeming Discover cashback, usually for short-term rentals. You can get 50% off $40 gift cards on select car rental companies.

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