Insane! 90% Redemption Discount For GarudaMiles Members Till 12/31

Garuda has an insane promo and they’re probably right to call it the the best deal of the year. GarudaMiles members can get 90% redemption discount for flights with Garuda Indonesia to all domestic and international routes in First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. This promo is available only until 12/31/2016 for flights between 2/1/2017 and 5/31/2017.

Best Deal of The Year Dapatkan Diskon Redemption 90 untuk Anggota GarudaMiles » GarudaMiles.jpeg

Yes, you read that right, it’s a 90% discount.

Now the catch. Pointmetotheplane reports that you will need to visit a Garuda Indonesia ticketing office to finalize the purchase of tickets, even though you can put the tickets on hold by calling. Here is what you need to present at office:

  • The person whose miles are being used must physically visit one of their offices
  • Bring the original membership card with you
  • Bring the original passports of all travelers on the itinerary (they don’t have to go to the office with you)

Al this should be done before the end of the year so many people might not be able to take advantage. If you don’t already have a physical membership card, it might be too late to get one. Offices are also scarce, but you’re lucky if you’re in New York (450 7th Ave – Suite 705. Phone 2122790756). There’s also offices in California, Chicago and Houston. See all offices .

If you need Garuda miles, your only possibility is transferring Citi ThankYou points. But make sure you can actually book one of these tickets before transferring any points. Also it is a bit risky, because it’s a possibility that points won’t transfer in time.

To summarize, this is an amazing deal, but only few people will have the means to take advantage.

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