Free $25 Towards Future Loan When You Loan $25 Or More On KIVA Through Paypal

PayPal has an offer celebrating their 10 year partnership with KIVA. Loan $25 or more through the KIVA loan system using Paypal as payment and get a $25 credit from Paypal to be used toward a future loan on KIVA.

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The offer is limited to the first 10,000 people to make a loan through this campaign now through October 10th. You’ll have to make a loan of $25 first and then you’ll see if you still within the first 10,000 people. If you are, you’ll asked for your email so they can send you the $25 credit. I received the credit about 10 minutes ago.

$25 Kiva credit may only be lent to an entrepreneur outside of the U.S.

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You’ll usually get your money back, but there’s a very small change that people might default on the loan. Seems to be very rare though. KIVA can be used for manufactured spending but you should have enough cash to float for months as many loans will take a long time to be repaid.

Here’s some stats, mine and the average user. I have only used it once before with a free $25 to loan out.

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Even if you don;t receive the credit, you still won’t lose any money and you’ll feel better about helping out people in need, somewhere in the world. I loaned my $25 to someone who needed it for necessary basic repairs to his family home where four little children and disabled and elderly people reside.


One thought on “Free $25 Towards Future Loan When You Loan $25 Or More On KIVA Through Paypal

  1. I have been using kiva lightly for a while now and I’ve always been paid back in full. no issues. Nice promo. Thanks for heads up.

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