$15 Off $75 Coupon On Ebay, Get $100 Gas GC For $65 (Targeted)

There’s a targeted coupon on eBay for $15 of a $75 purchase. These show up on some eBay accounts from time to time and have a unique coupon code. You might have also received it by email. You can go to an item page, like the $100 Exxon gift card below for example, and if you were targeted you should see the offer right above the section where it shows how much eBay Bucks you’ll earn for this purchase.


You could do the same with this $100 Speedway gift card$100 BP gift card etc. Physical BP gift cards can be sold to ABCGiftCard for 89%, Speedway for 88% and Exxon can be sold for 87%.

If you were lucky to get the coupon, then you can use it on gift cards as well. This could be stacked with already discounted gift cards and the eBay Bucks offer that came out this morning.

You could get this $100 Exxon gift card for just $69, plus portal cash back and credit card rewards. So more like ~$65.

Don’t forget that you can use eBay GCs again to purchase third party GCs till 10/13.

A great day to shop on eBay!

One thought on “$15 Off $75 Coupon On Ebay, Get $100 Gas GC For $65 (Targeted)

  1. … and finally ebay gift cards are working on third party gift cards. great job by ebay on starting that one day late. great combo tho. time to get rid of some ebay gift cardss

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