Vitamin Shoppe Resveratrol Settlement, Up To $25 Rebate

In March 19, 2019, Plaintiff filed this Action on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated alleging that she relied on allegedly false and misleading statements on labeling and in advertisements regarding the lawfulness, composition and ingredients of the product, Reservie Trans-Resveratrol.

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You are a member of the Settlement Class if you purchased for personal consumption, and not for re-sale, the Product in the United States from February 1, 2019 until the date this Settlement was preliminarily approved by the Court, February 6, 2019.

In order to make a claim, Class Members must provide information, signed under penalty of perjury, relating to their purchase of the Product, including where the purchase took place, the quantity purchased, and the approximate dates of purchase. Class Members who submit a Valid Claim will be entitled to reimbursement of $17, or $21, or $25, depending upon the total number of Valid Claims submitted. The maximum reimbursement to each Class Member submitting a Valid Claim is $25.

You can get a Claim Form here or submit your claim online by clicking here.

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Settlement Details

3 thoughts on “Vitamin Shoppe Resveratrol Settlement, Up To $25 Rebate

  1. Please do not fill out these claims if you do not qualify. If you have a valid claim, then just go ahead and fill out the questionnaire they have sent you. You shouldn’t have any problems.

  2. did anyone else receive an email like this regarding fraudulent claims?

    Whereas we have received more claims in this matter than there are potential class members, it has become apparent that certain non-class members are filing fraudulent claims. You are receiving this email because your claim was identified as potentially fraudulent. In order to receive a benefit from the class action settlement you must complete the questionnaire available through the link below, truthfully and accurately. If the answers you provide do not meet the criteria established, your claim will be denied. You must complete and submit the questionnaire no later than March 23, 2019, or you will not receive a benefit from the class action settlement.

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