First Tennessee Companion Card, Alternative MS Method (TN, MS, GA)

This method won’t be useful for most people and it’s not one of the best methods out there either. But, it goes to show that if you keep an eye out for MSing possibilities, you can come across different products that can help diversify your methods.

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This is available only in TN, MS and GA and it’s a product offered by First Tennessee Bank which also has a great sign up bonus for checking accounts. It’s called the First Tennessee Companion Card and it’s a is a reloadable pin-enabled Visa prepaid card with a $3 monthly fee. It’s pretty easy to load but harder to get you money back and First Tennessee Bank is pretty strict and most likely it won’t last long.

You need to go here and register for a card. Keep in mind that you need an address in one of those three states. It looks like a normal bank issued debit card.

Funds can be added to your Companion Card at any time by logging into and choosing to add funds online with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or by making a cash “Load” in a First Tennessee financial center.  Obviously you’ll be interested in the first option which can be great to meet minimum spend requirements.

You can load $3000 on the card when you purchase it and then you can load any amount between $25 and $2,000 per day as long as your balance does not exceed $10,000. There’s also a limit of $3000 per 15 days. Loading with a credit card is free.

Getting your funds might be a bit tricky. You can always use it everywhere Visa is accepted or pay a fee at the ATM. Best options are probably buying MOs or loading your Bluebird/Serve. You can read more here at their FAQ or the great write up on reddit.

Even if you can’t take advantage of this, you should read it as an example that there’s such opportunities everywhere. Look into services offered by your local banks or credit unions. You’ll find products that are not usually advertised or talked about in blogs. Always look for option in your manufactured spending, and don;t rely in just one or two avenues. We always say nothing lasts forever and we’ve seen it this year with lots of bad news.

2 thoughts on “First Tennessee Companion Card, Alternative MS Method (TN, MS, GA)

  1. I had this card back in 2014, it posed a lot of challenge to put funds and drain it. They are also sensitive if your loads for the month is near their prescribed limit. When I got shutdown after several months, it was a PITA to get my funds back. I had to file a complaint to CFPB to get my funds back. Hopefully, it’s easier for those who will get this card, just prepare for the worst 😛

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