ShopAtHome Paying 3% Cash Back For eBay

Shop at Home already had the best cash back rate for eBay at 2%, but now they have raised it to 3%. today only.


The other good news is that ShopAtHome rates will also be matched by TopCashBack so if you feel more comfortable with a better known portal, you can make your purchases through TopCashBack (which offers 1%) and then ask them to match the 3% rate.

You’ll also earn 50 gold points per purchase which are worth 50 cents.

This is a nice opportunity if you had your eyes set on something on ebay or if you’re a reseller.

3x Cash Back At Other Merchants as well

I was only checking eBay at first since I was looking at a reselling opportunity that Oren had posted, but DoC points out that there’s other great offers from ShopAtHome such as Walmart 6%, Staples 6%, Sears15%. This rates are part of the Shop at Home’s 29th birthday and will only be available today.

(links for ShopAtHome and TopCashBack are my referral links)

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