$500 Visa Gift Cards at Office Max

Office Max (doesn’t hurt to try Office Depot as well) have started selling $500 Visa and Mastercard gift cards. This is great news for those who have Office Depot/Max nearby and are allowed to use use credit cards to purchase them. In NYC it will be tough.


As you probably know there’s cards like Chase Ink that earn 5% back in UR points for purchases at office supply stores. Purchasing these $500 gift cards makes it profitable that the $200 cards that Staples sells, and also more convenient.

The $500 Visa gift cards are issued by Metabank and the $500 Mastercard gift cards are issued by U.S. Bank. Both come with a $5.95 fee.

The news gets better. $500 Visa gift cards are are ringing up with a price of just $3.95. So add a few more dollars to your profit.

Remember that there’s a limit of $2,000 per day, but that doesn’t include the fees, so you can purchase 4x$500 Visa gift cards for $2,015.80. That’s just $15.80 for 10,079 Chase UR points, or in other words, amazing.

Let me know if you find them and if you’re able to purchase them with a credit card.

HT: Karyn & PointChaser

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