Redbird Is Dead!

It was expected and it was the most likely outcome, but we were still holding out hope of the whole thing just being a system glitch. Well, there’s no more hope. It is not a glitch and Redbird is dead.

dead bird

FrequentMiler posted yesterday a corporate memo regarding tender accepted for Reloadable Prepaid Cards. Per the memo, effective October 13th (it actually started on the 12th), cash is the only tender guests can use to reload prepaid cards. Here’s the text of the memo.

Tender Accepted Select Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Effective Oct 13 cash is the only tender guests can use to reload select prepaid cards (listed below) in store.

Key Details

  • Prepaid cards falling under this restriction include: REDcard, American Express for Target, Green Dot MasterCard, Green Dot Visa, NetSpend Visa and MyVanilla Visa
  • POS will prompt if a payment type cannot be used.
  • If applicable, credit or debit cards can be used to pay the card fee.

Cashier Direction

  • Follow POS prompts. If POS displays a message that the tender can only be used for a certain amount or not at all, ask the guest for another form of payment.
  • If the guest inquires about the tender restriction, advise: “Target has made the decision to only allow cash reloads for this card. This decision aligns with other retailers who also only accept cash for reloadable prepaid cards.”

Guest Questions

  • Target policy: refer guests to Target Guest Relations at 1-800-440-0680
  • Reloadable prepaid card questions: Refer guest to the card issuer contact information on the back of the card.

The RedCard increased my spending at Target dramatically, which was almost nothing before. But I guess me and fellow hobbyists didn’t do enough shopping do make up for the increased costs brought by the prepaid RedCard program.

It’s time to move on!

5 thoughts on “Redbird Is Dead!

  1. I would think that Target will lose quite a bit of business because of this. I was doing all my shopping at Target, well my wife did, while I loaded my gift cards. We really switched to Target for a lot of food shopping and clothing.

  2. That was my only reason for entering Target and for shopping there. Back to local supermarkets now and loading at Walmart.

  3. I’m bitter-sweet about having broken the Target memo story yesterday (10/13/15) and having confirmed my previous analysis that the October 12 events meant Redbird was dead. I saw the memo in-person yesterday at one of the Target stores I visited with the intention of trying to get some confirmation (made the manager show it to me twice just to make sure) then wrote a post describing it and saying that this makes Redbird’s death official:

    I then shared my post via comments on Flyertalk, Reddit, Twitter and several MS blogs. It no doubt spread like fire, Redbird was hugely popular.

    Shortly after, a Target employee who had seen my post asked me on Twitter to give him my email address, he contacted us via email confirming my story and linking to it in the email. It was a group email sent to me and a bunch of popular MS bloggers (Frequent Miler, Miles to Memories, etc). The Target employee said that he couldn’t send us a pic of the memo itself but confirmed that my story was 100% accurate and that he himself had seen it after he had gone looking for it at the store he works at, after reading our reports about it. Shortly after, pics of the memo were published by bloggers for everyone to see beyond doubt that Redbird is indeed officially dead.

    RIP Redbird! It was awesome while it lasted.

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