How Does Sirsyed College Make Money?

I’m a newcomer to the blogosphere of this hobby, but I’ve been a hobbyist for years before deciding to share some of my experience. In this post I’ll describe how my humble free blog makes money so that readers know more about me and feel more confident when they click on a link here.


Maybe you’ve seen my with money being thrown in the air, but it’s not really all revenue from the blog. The picture of this post it’s a bit misguiding as well (I don’t sit on stacks of $100 bills and it would be uncomfortable anyway).

Credit Card Affiliate Links

I don’t have any. I have never tried getting credit card affiliate links, although I hear they pay out nicely. Even if I tried I might be turned down, since my blog isn’t as big as many others out there. I get about 6-7K visitors and 17-18K views a month. I don’t mind that much though. I think it keeps me from pushing certain credit cards over others and even pushing cards that I wouldn’t get myself.

Referral Links

I do have a few referral links in my blog. These are links that you get after you sign up for a credit card or a bank account. Anyone has access to these links and you don’t have to have a big website or a blog. Some examples would be the Discover card that has a $50 referral bonus (limit of $500), Chase Sapphire has a 5K UR points referral bonus (limit of 50K), Capital One 360 that has $20 referral bonus (limit of  $1,000).You will see these referral links the most, because they offer the maximum bonus for those specific cards or accounts.

There’s referral links for Chase Ink cards or Amex Delta for example, where I would earn 5K points per sign up, but you won’t see those links advertised because they offer lesser bonuses that wouldn’t make sense.

Other Referral Links

I do post sometimes links from FlexOffers to specific merchants like Macy’s, Neweg etc that have offers available. These are products that I think are a good deal and I’ll make maybe 1-3% on them. There’s also links to sign up for Credit Sesame which is free for you, but would pay me $4 per sign up. Year to date I have made $25.96 from these links.

Discount Portals

I provide my referral link to discount portals such as TopCashBack, BeFrugal etc when I write about deals being offered on those websites. They usually pay out $5 or $10 per referral.


I don’t post advertising on my blog. You might see some advertising on the bottom of articles but that’s automatically places by WordPress since this is a free blog. I also can’t place any Google AdSense advertisements, because it’s not an option on free blogs. But maybe I’m not missing out much, since I don’t pay for my domain and hosting and that probably balances out what I’m missing from Google AdSense. Having a free blog however, limits the control over design (and I Can;t figure out how to change the time stamp on my comments), so in the future I might think about a move into a proper website or non-free blog.

Paid Posts

I have recently received offers to post articles for certain merchants or products, that would pay me a decent amount. I did get excited at first when I read the offers but after reading the articles that were sent to me, I had to decline since it would go against what I usually write on the blog. So to this date there have been no paid posts published here. If I ever do post one, it will be something I agree with and I will let you know that it is a paid post.


I always try to write about deals and offers that I’d go after myself. I don’t think I’ve ever made more than $300 in one month and I’ve gotten close to that just recently thanks to my great readers who have chosen to apply for the Discover card through my referral link. I thank you for that. But usually it would be less than $100. The blog is less than a year old, so maybe it will get better with time and I’ll quit my job and blog from the beach somewhere.

I write to educate readers, but also to educate myself. I learn new tricks and methods by doing research for these posts and while I might might make much from the blog directly I have been finding new ways to turn in a bigger profit from my own hobby.

If you like what you read in here and want to support the blog, the best thing to do is to use my referrals for cards or accounts that you would sign up anyway. It would be very altruistic if you signed up for a credit card just to support my blog.

Also you can help by sharing your thoughts in the comments and sharing the articles with your friends or through social media. You can also email me deals that you come across, and that would be a big help.

So to answer the question in the title, “How Does Sirsyed College Make Money?” I have a full time job!

8 thoughts on “How Does Sirsyed College Make Money?

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  2. I have signed up to other blogs and have since dropped reading them. Your one i continue to read. Keep up the deal hunting and awesome work. Thanks.

    Once in a while if you post how to maximize staples deals to earn cashback and reward points that would be appreciated.

  3. Great job Danny. I really enjoy everything you write. I have made a nice little profit from reading your blog.

  4. Nicely written Danny and thanks for sharing all the great deals. I starting blogging myself a little under a year ago with a passion to help friends and family and the support has been great.

  5. I think this is my second comment, but I’ve been reading for a few months after finding the blog through a google search for the discover double cash promo. I have visited almost daily since then and I’m signed up for the emails as well. You’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

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