Buy 90K AAdvantage Miles Get 35% Off

From August 10th to Spetember 3rd, 2015, you can earn up to 35% bonus miles when you buy AAdvantage miles from American Airlines. I received the email yesterday, but such offers  and even better ones come and go frequently.

AA 35 Bonus

These miles don’t come cheap as it’s usually the case when buying them directly from airlines. But, it might make sense if you need the points now. You won’t see much value with in AA miles if you’re booking a domestic flight in coach, but if you’re planning a long flight in first class then buying points is sure worth it.

The best option available in the chart is the last one. You need to you buy at least 90,000 miles to receive the highest 35% discount. 90,000 miles will cost you $1,885.18, with taxes and fees. That’s a $929.25 discount from full price. That gives a price of slightly more than 2.09¢ per mile. That is not a great deal, but if you need to purchase a ticket right now, and you don’t have enough miles, then it is the way to go.

This deal can get better if you need to spend money for a a credit card bonus, or if you use a card that can give you 2-3% back on such a large purchase. Citi ThankYou Premier Card will give you 3x TY points (8640 points) and American Express Premier Rewards Gold gives you 3x MR points. If you prefer AA miles than you can go with your Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select card and you’ll receive 2x miles on the purchase.

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