Purchase $100 In Gift Cards at Kmart, Get $10 Credit

Kmart Gift Cards 10Kmart is running a promotion on gift cards. You can get $10 in Kmart credit when you purchase $100 in Visa/Mastercard/Amex gift cards from the store. The promotion is available from 8/2/15 to 8/8/15. there’s a “limit one award card per transaction” but you can do as many $100 transactions as possible without getting on anyone’s nerves.

The bad part about this deal is that Kmart credit is only valid from 8/9/15 to 8/15/15 so this offer makes sense only for those who shop often at Kmart. The cards come a $5.95 fee so the actual bonus will be $4.05 plus whatever points/miles you get from you credit card. The award card can be used in-store or online but most likely you want have any luck trying to purchase gift cards with them.

I have a Kmart store nearby but I rarely shop there. I do drain gift cards sometimes, but usually as a last resort, since you get charged $1.50 for bill pay. You can read more about this option here.

HT: doctorofcredit

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