$200 Best Buy Gift Card for Just $15 + Free Shipping (CANCELED)

Best Buy has $200 Best Buy Designer Gift Cards on sale for just $15 and they also offer free shipping. This is obviously a pricing error and it’s not going to last long. I purchased a few myself and it would be amazing if they actually honored this. However I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Best Buy GC 200

I don’t think I need to put up any calculations to prove that this is an amazing deal that can make you a nice profit. Grab a few before it’s over and then we’ll play the waiting game.

I placed two orders. One for five GCs and another for two GCs paying the first with a credit card and the second with PayPal. The order went through without problems. I have yet to receive the confirmation email and when I click the order status at the Best Buy website i get the error message “Order information is currently unavailable. Please try again later”. So as I mentioned above, there a very very slim chance that these orders will be honored.

UPDATE: Now the Order Status page works and as expected my two orders don’t show.

HT: slickdeals

4 thoughts on “$200 Best Buy Gift Card for Just $15 + Free Shipping (CANCELED)

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  2. haha wowww got 10 but I might go back for 10 more now that I think about it. the sky is the limit

    thxxx danny!!!

    1% chance they’ll be honored… but heyy we can dream

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