System Error When Loading Redbird + Email From AmEx

There’s reports from yesterday and today that people haven’t been able to load Redbird at Target. “Register offline card can not be sold” error has been showing after the Redbird is swiped, even before you get to the step where you swipe your debit/gift card.


The problem seems to be for the ATF card as well, so this doesn’t look like the end of Redbird but most likely just a system glitch/maintenance that should be resolved soon. We had a similar problem back in February and it affected all Amex products.

The problem looks to be nationwide and i expect things to go back to normal soon.

I haven’t been at Target in a few days. Let us know of any recent data points, if you visited target today.

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Debit Card Loads Will Officially Continue

Meanwhile, today American Express sent out an email announcing – a month too late – that credit card loads are no longer allowed. But debit cards will continue to be an option, alongside cash.

Important Notice Regarding your Target Prepaid REDcard® by American Express

We wanted to let you know that you will no longer be able to load your Target Prepaid REDCard® by American Express at Target stores with a Target GiftCard or a non-Target branded credit card. You can continue to load your card with cash or debit at Target stores.

You can also add money to your Target Prepaid REDcard® by American Express online through direct deposit or transfer from your linked debit or bank account.


The Target Prepaid REDcard® by American Express Team

3 thoughts on “System Error When Loading Redbird + Email From AmEx

  1. didn’t work for me last night around 9pm. didn’t read the exact message but the cashier said there’s an error. sorry system is down.

    I have loaded there in the past

    I’ll try again later today. Hopefully is just maintenance

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