The Worst Credit Card I have in my Wallet

I have a lot of personal and business credit cards, just like many of my readers. One of my oldest cards is one that I doubt any of you have. the PayPal Extras Mastercard. The only reason I still have it, is because it is my second oldest card and it doesn’t have an annual fee. Don’t ask me why I applied for it in the first place, I have no answer.


It is issued by Synchrony Bank, formerly known as GE Capital Bank until last year. Here’s some details on the card.

  • 3% on gas and restaurants
  • 2% on eBay/PayPal
  • 1% on other stuff

That doesn’t look that bad, until you realize that the points are pretty worthless compared to most cards. The points are worth exactly $0.83 each, since it takes 6,000 points to redeem a $50 PayPal gift card. To make matters worse, you can only make $400 per year in cash back, since earning is capped at 50,000 points.

Their APR is pretty high as well. I have the minimum of 19.99% but it does vary up to 23.99%. My Cash Advance APR is 26.99%.

If that is not enough, their customer service is also one of the worst I have ever dealt with. There’s more though. They don’t even have a dedicated website to manage your account online. You have to log into your PayPal account to access it. No autopay either, last time I checked and I can’t add it to my my Mint account.

Let me know which is the worst card in your wallet. Why do you still have it?

One thought on “The Worst Credit Card I have in my Wallet

  1. I love this Extras MC. It has been my shield against potential PP shutdown because I can leave nothing on my balance and still go on spending up to $4K which is the max allowed to load PPMCs. I also earn 1% from the business debit plus points on the extras card. I’ve enjoyed the triple play on this card. Once I’ve reached the max of $400 CB per year, I unlink this card to my PP business debit card.

    Most undesirable card for me is Discover Open Road. It used to give 5% on gas many years ago until they lowered it to 2% with a low cap and since then, it has been in the sock drawer. This is one of my oldest card and also has a high CL that’s why I keep it.

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