REDbird to be rolled out nationwide?

Some of you already have the Target AmEx REDcard, also known as REDbird. But many others haven’t had a chance to get one, since it is only sold in select Target stores. I only have one, which I bought during a trip to Massachusetts, that didn’t go as planned (otherwise I would have had more than one). Read more about the REDcard here.

Target AmEx REDcard

Clearly, Target and AmEx have been testing the REDbird in those select stores and probably looking at  the differences between stores that give them away for free and those who sell them for $5. Now it seems that they might be inching closer to releasing the card nationwide, as a reader reported at Frequent Miler.

The reader participated in a focus group aimed at REDbird users. From indications at that focus group, it looks like the card might be coming to every Target store. It is not clear when this will happen and whether the credit card loads will continue, but the focus group participant said that many of those invited to the group said that they would drop REDbird if they would not be able to load with a credit card.

This is good new for many who are not able to buy a REDbird, but once the nation wide availability starts, then it will surely make the manufactured spending on the card much more noticeable for Target and I would predict then it will start going downhill from there. We already reported last week a few problems in New York and Boston will credit card loads.

We’ll have to wait for the nationwide roll out for a while anyway, but until then you can still get a card if you take a trip, have some helpful friends and family near a Target store that sells them, or if you want to spend a few times more than the selling price on Ebay.

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